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About Us

Vedang is involved in design, development and supply of RF products and services for Commercial Telecom and Defence Communication markets.

With its headquarters in Mumbai (India), Vedang Radio Technology, the flagship company, focusses on the commercial telecom market and has slew of cost effective products for network improvement /optimization. Vedang Radio Technology provides the full range of Active (RF Repeaters, Line and Tower Mount Amplifiers for 2G ,3G and 4G technologies) and Passive Solutions (Filters, Combiners, Diplexers, Triplexers and Duplexers for LTE, 3G, 2G technologies).

Vedang Cellular Services (VCS) provides services for Network Audit, Network Optimization, Installation and Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance and In-Building Solutions.

Vedang Advanced Radio Electronic Systems (VARESYS), a subsidiary of Vedang Radio, carries out Research and Development in the field of Defence Communications and Electronic Warfare.

Experience and Expertise

Vedang group effectively harnesses the design and engineering expertise gained by its engineers and specialists to provide innovative solutions. The expertise has allowed Vedang to provide intricate customized solutions with the lowest turnaround time possible for a new design to be conceptualized and supplied.

Vedang has been called upon to resolve the complex radio network issues arising out of adjacencies of incompatible technologies. Vedang has sucessfully resolved such issues in many countries. Vedang offers finest RF products especially high power passives viz. Filters, Diplexers, Triplexers and Combiners.

Bhishm C Bhardwaj
Bhisham C Bhardwaj
Virendra Sethi
Satish Kumar
Ashish Kapoor

Management Team

Bhishm C Bhardwaj

B C Bhardwaj

Mr. BC Bhardwaj is the founder of Vedang Radio. He is the Chairman of the board and heads the Strategy, R&D and Business Development. He has 27 years of work experience in the field of Wireless telecom network design, operations and management and core research & development in the field of Microwave and RF systems.

Mr. Bhardwaj holds M. Tech. (Microwave Electronics) from University of Delhi South Campus and holds Masters degree in Physics from Kurkshetra University.

He has served in leading positions with top telecom operators’ viz. Bharti Airtel, Tata Teleservicies, BPL Mobile (now Loop Mobile) & Hughes Telecom. Prior to this he has worked as Sr. Research Scientist with the Society for Applied Microwave and Electronics Engineering Research (SAMEER). He has designed , implemented and optimized large wireless networks of Delhi and Mumbai for Bharti Airtel. He has also designed, developed and executed a high power transmitter system for MST Radar and successfully implemented the RF and Electronics part of 15 MeV Linear Accelerator machine for Medical and Industrial applications.

Mr. Bhardwaj is also Director of VARESYS and VCS



Virendra Sethi

Col ( Retd) Virendra Sethi brings with him 15 years of experience in Mobile telecom domain besides 20years of experience in various areas of telecommunications in the Armed Forces.While in the Army, he has worked in EMI /EMC, Electronic Warfare and MobileTelecommunications. He was the Commanding Officer of a divisionaltelecommunication unit in the Army. When he was Director of Army Radio Engineering Network (AREN), he decided to leave the Army prematurely to join BPLMobile in Mumbai where he was the ChiefTechnical Officer.

Mr Sethi holds a M Techdegree from I I T Kanpur and has done his Masters in Business Administration.

In the last 15 Years ,Mr Sethi has worked in GSM,CDMA and 3G in senior positions with mobile operators . Before joining VedangGroup, he was Sr Vice President in Vodafone in the Corporate HQ.

Mr Virendra Sethi is aDirector of VARESYS.



Satish Kumar

Mr. Satish Kumar along with Mr. BC Bhardwaj, founded Vedang Radio. He heads the Operations, Finance, Marketing and Administration. He has an experience of more than 17 years in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Factory Administration, Logistics and Sales & Marketing and is well versed with the procedures for formation of companies, setting-up new plants and designing commercial systems and processes. He also has hands on experience in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions.

Mr. Satish Kumar holds Masters degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi. He is also qualified Cost Accountant and Company Secretary.

He has served reputed corporates viz. Asian Paints, JSW Group and others in Finance, Commercial, Marketing and Plant Administration functions.

Mr. Satish Kumar is also Director of VARESYS and VCS



Ashish Kapoor

Mr. Ashish Kapoor is co-founder and Director of Vedang Cellular Services (VCS). He offers young and dynamic leadership to the services business of Vedang Group. He has over 12 years of experience in the Cellular Industry spanning across Network Design, Operations and Maintenance, Optimisation and Solutions.

He holds Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Masters Degree in Business Administration.

He has served leading telecom companies viz. BPL Mobile (now Loop Mobile), Bharti Airtel and Nokia Siemens Networks.