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Powered by a highly dedicated team of Research Engineers and Scientists in the field of RF Engineering, Vedang is in the forefront of development of technologies required for the defence Communications and Electronic Warfare. Vedang can manufacture complex RF systems.

We can be a reliable partner for the foreign companies seeking offset opportunities for the manufacture of RF systems based on Technology Transfer.


Amplifiers, Jammers and Transceiver

Power Amplifiers

VARESYS has developed solid state high power amplifiers for use in Electronic Warfare Systems.

The Solid State High Power Amplifiers are available in the frequency range from:

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0.9 - 1.3GHz 100W PA

Frequency range: 960-1260MHz

Gain: 13dB

Efficiency: 41% min

Output Power: 50dBm (100W)


High Power Transceiver


VARESYS has developed High Power Transceiver Systems for use in Electronic Warfare.

These Transceivers can be used as a front-end to state of the art strategic communication radios.

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960-1240MHz Transceiver

Frequency: 960-1260MHz

Small Signal Tx Gain : 55dB(typ)

Efficiency: 48% min

Output power : 53dBm (200W)(Saturated)

Form Factor: 1/2 ATR Short.

Low Rx Noise Figure 3.5dB

Rx Cannel Gain: 11dB typ



Fast Scan Receivers

Fast Scan Receivers are utilized in Jamming, Direction Finding devices.

VARESYS is developing fast scan receivers for a wide range of frequencies from 20 MHz to 3 GHz

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High Dynamic Resolution Receivers


Wideband Synthesizer

VARESYS has developed a compact form factor Signal Source Synthesizer.

Wideband Signal Synthesizers are available from:

30 – 6000 MHz

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High Power Passives



High Power Filters are available for Military use.

Effective conducted filtering from 10KHz to 1GHz.

Current ratings up to 500 Amps

Maximum voltage ratings up to 400VDC and 240VAC standard

Various capacitance values and custom voltageratings available

Custom Solutions

VARESYS has a highly efficient team of RF architects and engineers, DSP and FPGA engineers and Military domain knowledge experts. We can develop customized solutions for Defence Communications and Electronic Warfare.