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Vedang Cellular Services (VCS) offers Nework Planning , Network Optimiszation, In-Building Solutions, Instllation and Commissioning and Skilled Manpower Supply Services to Wirles Telecom Operators and Vendors.

Network Planning

VCS has a team of dedicated engineers who are skilled to handle the activities of Network Planning and Optimzation.
Various Projects that VCS covers under Network Planning are

Turnkey Project for Network Roll-out


RF Surveys – To determine the location of new sites to be installed for cellular operators.

LOS Surveys – To determine the connectivity of new sites to the existing network.

EMF Surveys – To ensure that radiation by Cell site antennas is within the guidelines specified by ICNIRP.

Audit / Physical Surveys – To ensure that the actual physical conditions at a site are regularly captured and databases updates which can help for Nominal Planning on the Planning Tool.

Network Optimization

VCS executes various projects on Network Optimization which includes

Improvement in Key performance Indicators for cellular operators like Call Drops, Call Success Rate and Congestion levels.

Improvement in Coverage provided by addition of new elements or optimizing the current parameters and resources.

Benchmarking Drive Test – To benchmark various operators based on a detailed drive test done in the entire city and by capturing Network parameters.

Telecom Infrastructure Project Management and Coordination.

VCS also supports in PMC for the Infrastructure part of Installation at a site like Power requirements, Pole and Delta structures, Shelter build up etc.

In-Building Solutions (IBS)

In-Building Solution is a key activity to provide Network Coverage inside important buildings like Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Industrial Estates, Airports etc by wiring the entire building and installing antennas.

VCS has successfully implemented In-Building Solutions in more than 700 buildings till now including key buildings like Hotel TajMahal, InOrbit Mall, Domestic and International Airports, Reliance properties etc.

Various activities that VCS executes under IBS are as follows

IBS Survey

IBS Implementation

IBS Walk Test

Repeater Installation

IBS and Repeater Maintenance

Telecom Training

VCS periodically carries out training for fresh telecom engineers to introduce them to the practical aspects of Operations in the Wireless RF Domain.

The key features of this training program are :

Integrated Approach.

Theoretical (12 months) as well as Practical (3 months).

Basic, Advance and Customized Modules.

For any queries regarding training and placement schedules kindly contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manpower Supply (BSS, DT, Optimization , Survey engineers).

VCS regularly supplies trained engineers to customers for executing various activities under the outsourcing model as well as external recruitments in MNC companies.

The engineers are absorbed by the major Cellular Services Operators or OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in various job profiles like BSS. O and M engineers, Drive Test Engineer, Optimization Engineer, Survey Engineer, Project Engineers.